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Southern Cast Products
Southern Cast Products, Inc.

Southern Cast Products 

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Our foundry has the ability to work with several metal mediums. We are sure to work with the product you need. Our experienced foundry team utilizes top industry standard quality control equipment and procedures to ensure the product you require is the product you receive.

    Materials Poured
  • Iron
  • Gray (Class 30,35,40)
  • Ductile (60, 80, 100)
  • Ni-Hard (type 1 and IV)
  • Ni-Resist (N1 and D2)
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum
  • A356 (T6 in house)
  • 319
    Quality Control
  • Faro Arm - Dimensional Inspection
  • Quantron Magellon Spectrometer
  • Tensile Bar Puller - Universal Testing

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In our 26,000Sq/Ft Machine Shop we combine state-of-the-art Horizontal and Vertical machining centers and precision lathes with laser-guided CMM’s for quality assurance. We have the capacity and experience to complete your order on-time and to your specifications.

  • 7 - Mazak Nexus 6800-II
  • 2 - Mazak Mazatech H630
  • Integrex 30
  • Hass VF6
  • Brown & Sharp 9-15-9 CMM

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Robo Molding
  • 2 ABB 6 axis robots
  • SolidWorks
  • MasterCam
  • SpaceClaim
  • Able to make castings from model in less than a week.
  • Able to make prototype parts from model in less than two weeks.

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Robo Patterns
  • Make patterns for internal and external use.
  • 2 ABB Robots Available.
  • 2 dedicated Horizontal Mazak HCN 6800 for making patterns.
  • 1 Vertical Haas 6 Machining Center.
  • Robots make near net Aluminum and Iron Blanks to fully machine.
  • All patterns are sampled before sending pattern equipment.

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Rapid Production
    Fast & Accurate
  • Start on Patterns and Machining Fixtures at same time.
  • Use RoboCastings first, and then make production patterns.
  • Great Prototyping method, easy to make casting changes.
  • Design Fixture around the part.
  • Cast Iron vibration dampens better than steel weldments.
  • Cast on most mounting features.